We’ve been called a lot of things. 

By our clients, that is. Our favorites are “Secret weapon,” “The model of the future,” and “Titanium bullet.” Oh, and “rock stars.” We liked that one.

Great ideas fun because they can change the game for our clients. Clients like Staples, Cineplex Entertainment, The Limited, Reebok, CVS, Warner Music Group, AMD, Pete’s Wicked Ale, The New York Times, and many others. Advertising agencies like MMB, Baldwin&, Allen & Gerritsen, Juice Pharma, Peter Mayer, and others use Ideasicle to inspire their own teams with our ideas.

Here's what some of our clients had to say.


Lauren Rivers, President, Rivers Agency

"You saved our lives. You and your team are [bleeping] rock stars! Mega ideas at a time when we needed them most and fastest. Thank you so much!!"

Scott SUndheim, VP Marketing, RetailMeNot

"We want to THANK YOU and your experts for all their work. We loved the experience and would definitely do it again. The benefits were what you promised - breadth, quality and great ideas. And you were awesome to work with."

Amie_Remarkable Magazine_BW copy.png

Amie Turrill Owens, Brand Strategy & Insights Consultant

"Ideasicle's approach to briefing and creative concepting is fresh and fast! In record time, their virtual creative teams delivered multiple creative ideas brought to life via written and visual inspiration. It was like having our own custom creative team by our side. Will's strategic thinking and attention to detail gave us peace of mind that no idea would be left unimagined."

Tim Weldon, Sr. Director, Brand & Creative, Constant Contact

“The best part of working with Ideasicle is the lack of preciousness over their concepts. They delivered a lot of high-level ideas that our team could take as is, reject, revise, or simply find the germ of an idea to form our own concept. Ideasicle is a great behind-the-scenes creative partner.”

Rob Waldeck, President & CEO of Holland-Mark

"At Holland-Mark we turn to Ideasicle when we need to expand our team and our firepower for company naming engagements. Will leads his super-creative team through a strategic, thoughtful and clear process that helps us help our clients get to the right name fast."

Liz Doten from Lowe's talking about Ideasicle.

liz doten, Manager of Private Brands Creative Services, Lowe's Companies

"Recently I took over the in-house creative reigns on the Lowe’s Home Improvement private brands, and while I have a sizable team of terrific designers, what I don’t have are big conceptual thinkers. Our hallmark brand, Kobalt Tools, needed strategy refinement, a big campaign idea and tagline. Enter Will and Ideasicle.

I have followed the progress of Ideasicle since its beginning and knew immediately that this nimble, little creative think-tank could be exactly what Kobalt needs. And boy, was I right. Yesterday we wrapped up a project with them, and we are unanimously thrilled with the results. For a very reasonable flat fee (which really helps for budget approvals) and in just a few short weeks over the holidays, we received more ideas than an agency would have delivered in easily 6 months. And for a heck of a lot less money. Not only that, but they were GREAT ideas. Like, really great. Now my internal team has the marching orders they need to execute and we couldn’t be happier. We will absolutely be engaging Will and his experts again on future projects and on our other private brands here at Lowe’s. And if you’re smart, you’ll hire them too."

Susan Gingrich, RD, Medical Nutrition Product Director, Ketovie

"We needed a great brand idea and a realistic nuts-and-bolts consumer communications plan and that's exactly what Ideasicle delivered. We feel excited and empowered that our new brand captures the value of the products we are bringing to those in need."

Adam Kline, Creative Director at Juice Pharmaceutical Advertising

Click the video to the left to hear Adam talk about his experience using Ideasicle in the new business pitch process. 

Great example of Ideasicle being used to inspire an agency's own creative teams in the feverish crucible otherwise known as "the pitch."

Jamie Graham, creative director at Constant Contact,.

jamie graham, creative director, constant contact in-house agency 

"Will and his wallies inspired and complemented our own in-house creative teams’ efforts from strategy right through execution, and the cumulative result is a seamless collaboration of brilliant advertising. Our top management was justifiably overwhelmed." 

Bill Tanner from the Dallas Morning News about Ideasicle ideas.

Bill Tanner, Senior Director of Strategic Research at The Dallas Morning News

"I really appreciate Will and team's effort to rapidly absorb consumer and product information and quickly translate it into multiple, highly original ideas that are ready to show consumers." 

Bridget O'Brien talks about Ideasicle ideas.

Bridget O’Brien, VP Brand, Communications & Creative at Vistaprint’s in-house agency

“It wasn’t so much outsourcing ideas as it was importing inspiration. The Ideasicle process virtually guarantees large doses of speedy inspiration. The rest is up to us."

Karen Rowden, from Epson Printers, talks about Ideasicle ideas.

Karen Rowden,
Marketing Manager at Epson Printers

"Epson engaged Ideasicle to come up with a unique marketing concept for our consumer retail channel. They came back with really creative and innovative ideas to achieve our program objectives - and then some!  It was fast, easy, and effective; from the briefing process through to the final Ideasicle. I love the fact that we can engage with such great creative talent on a project by project basis." 

Linda Connor, from AMD, talks about Ideasicle ideas.

Linda Connor,
Global Marketing & Customer Alliance Manager at AMD

"In the 20 years that I worked with agencies (and I worked with so many), your ideas were the ones that I thought were the most innovative and connected with people."

Chad Caufield, from MMB Advertising, talks about Ideasicle ideas.

Chad Caufield,
Managing Partner at ad agency, MMB in Boston

"Be advised: some of their ideas will make you nervous. And those are the ones you should think twice about!