As the name indicates, Ideasicle: Sport is solely focused on sports-related marketing ideas and expertise. To that end, we have recruited a team of Experts who are not just genius creative people and strategists, but have an added superpower: deep expertise in sports marketing. We believe Ideasicle: Sport will be the least expensive, most efficient way to tap into sports marketing expertise available today.

The Sport Experts: back of the baseball cards. 

Imagine these creative people working together virtually in teams of four on your sports brand or your sports marketing project.

Mark St. Amant

A 25-year, award-winning creative director/writer, Mark, has worked on such brands as ESPN, Adidas, Titleist-Footjoy, and more. He has written two best-selling sports books, contributed to the Sunday New York Times, New York "5th Down" NFL blog and NBC Sports, and appeared as a Fantasy Football expert on national TV & radio programs from ESPN Classic and FOX & Friends to NPR's "Only a Game with Bill Littlefield" and Sirius XM Radio. So Mark is basically the one Expert who has not only worked on the ESPN account, but has been on ESPN.

Roger Baldacci

Award winning creative director and writer, Roger ran the ESPN Fantasy Football and Baseball accounts at Arnold as well as ESPN 360 (their online viewer at the time). Also worked on Converse and Champion back in the day. Did some recent work for “The Road to the Winter Classic” for the EPIX network. And on top of that is the leader of a movement to bring a pass rush to the New England Patriots.

Chris Harper

A retail technology expert, Chris has a past full of sports marketing dealmaking. He put together NFL branded wireless bundles at RadioShack, creating Pro Bowl fan voting program in all stores. He was in charge of the RadioShack 500 at Texas Motor Speedway race, later brought in Samsung as a presenting sponsor. He worked on branded offers and media to support the partnership with Major League Baseball. And more recently won a bet against Ideasicle founder, Will Burns, in support of his LA Kings.


Some creative directors are great at the creative part and that's it. Others like "Guts" are also great at the strategy part. She has one of those creative "guts" that anyone who works with her trusts and respects. She has experience on huge sports brands, the deepest dive on the Nike account. A multiple award winner including the Grand Prix at Cannes. "Guts" as you can see from the icon will also bring the female perspective to our work.


This guy is an account guy by trade, but an idea guy in reality. Further, he's called "Ball" because he has loads of sports marketing experience, having worked with global sports footwear, apparel, equipment and lifestyle brands, and major sports media networks. His experience includes relationships with all major leagues, many teams and countless high profile athletes. We can't divulge his name just yet as he's gainfully employed at a tier one agency. But he's ours (and yours) for Ideasicle: Sport.

"The Director"

We call him that because, well, he is a director. But he was a writer and creative director for that at places like Goodby Silverstein & Parters, where he worked on Nike and the MLB, and Leagas Delaney, where he spent four years on Adidas (all their sports). He has also shot commercials for the Reebok and Majestic brands. The Director, like Bo, knows sports.


How to access this panel of brilliant sports marketing junkies.

Two ways (you may think of others):


It's like any other Ideasicle project only the focus is sports marketing. And it's with a team pre-recruited and stacked with sports marketing experience. That could mean you're a sports brand looking for ideas or it could mean you're not but want to find the best way to leverage sports in your marketing mix - ways to use a certain athlete, creative ways to get your brand involved in a sporting event, anything. 

Your account representative will draw up a potent creative brief and then brief the team (using the brief and private video); the team will come up with ideas, build and riff on each other while your account rep keeps them on strategy and ultimately prepares a presentation of 8-12 completely different ideas that satisfy the assignment. Read more about the Ideasicle process here.

These engagements would happen on a project basis, though as you'll see below our pricing will reflect the number of pre-committed projects per year. The more you commit to up front, the lower the price per project.


The other way a marketer might use this team is on an ongoing basis, where you run ideas that YOU come up with past our Ideasicle: Sport panel to get the team's point-of-view (their "takes"). Thinking of sponsoring a NASCAR driver or maybe a retail tie-in? Considering Gronk in a TV spot? Wondering about the value of a logo on the boards of an NHL rink? Ask our team and get honest professional answers within 24 hours.

Your account representative will package up your question, brief the team virtually and let them debate the topic for 24 hours. After which we'll present a full report of their opinions and considerations to you.

These engagements would be lighter weight than ideation projects but more frequent, so would be a retainer relationship, the fee for which would reflect your intended number of engagements per month.

But that's just what we came up with. You may have other ideas, but being open to new ideas is in our DNA and how we're programmed, so fire away. 

How do you put a price on on this kind of sports marketing expertise?

Well, we did.

#1 above (Sports Marketing Ideas) will be priced at our normal Ideasicle rates of $25,000 for two rounds of ideation. However, if you commit to a certain number of projects per year, we can reduce that fee per project. Let's talk.

#2 above (Sports Marketing Takes) would be a retainer relationship and pricing would depend on the number of engagements per month. The minimum would be two and that would cost $5,000 per month. 

Let's try it out. Contact Ideasicle Founder, Will Burns, at or call at 617-304-3268 to learn more and set up a trial run. We can't wait to show you what we can do.

We're competitive that way.