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Product List

Projects and Pricing


Product List

Projects and Pricing


Projects: nothing is unthinkable.

When it comes to ideation projects, clients tend to hire us for one of two reasons: one, they need a specific kind of idea; two, they need to solve a larger marketing problem, but do not have a specific idea in mind to solve it. We can work either way.

Here's a list of projects we've done in the past:

  • Brand Ideas
  • Promotional Ideas
  • PR Stunts
  • Mobile App Concepts & Functionality
  • Social Media Ideas
  • Advertising Concepts
  • Advertising Campaign Platforms
  • Tag Lines
  • Names (for companies, products, features, anything)
  • Short Film Concepts
  • Quick Hits, where we do one round of ideas to jump start your own creative process (great for ad agencies and in-house agencies - case study with Vistaprint here)

Project pricing: 

There is no other way to get access to Experts this good at these prices. That's because by being a virtual agency we have eliminated nearly all overhead (except for our corporate plane). No ridiculous rents for overly fancy pants spaces in fancy pants neighborhoods of fancy pants cities. Just pure access to brilliant minds. 

For each project we will craft a unique plan of action.

Sometimes one round of ideas is all a client needs. One round is usually enough for advertising agencies in a pitch or in-house agencies looking for some quick outside perspective on a problem. In both cases, the client just needs inspiration through ideas. For more, read this case study about Ideasicle and Vistaprint, "Jump Start Your Creative-Development Process."

For most clients, however, more than one round is essential. We believe most people (not just clients) don't know what they want until they see it. So, seeing that first round of 10+ ideas helps our clients better know what they're after. So equipped, we are even more dangerous the second round.

Once in a while we build in a third round or a pre-negotiated option just in case we need it. Or we need a third round with one writer, say, to develop a video treatment coming out of our first two rounds of ideas.

The pricing, then, will range depending on how we build the proposal. Every project is unique and Ideasicle is flexible enough to design an ideation program for any marketing problem. But know the minimum will be $15,000. And if you can commit to more than one project at a time we will definitely work with you on the total price.

Try approaching a traditional agency with less than $100,000. They will laugh at you. Not us.

Once the ideas are presented you can turn them over to existing resources or to one of our connections. Again, we do not execute our ideas because we never want to become addicted to any one “kind” of idea or otherwise biased. Are we leaving money on the table? Yes. But it keeps us pure to each assignment. We don’t care if the ideas we present are free to execute, if they are great and will solve the problem.

And, yes, we actually have presented ideas that were free to execute before.

We'll put our actual money where our virtual mouth is.

We believe in the power of our ideas to the point where we are open to revenue-sharing arrangements, too. If we can isolate the variables, and are convinced we can measure the real impact of our idea, then we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is and come up with a revenue-sharing agreement that keeps your upfront costs down. A little more on that here.

New: Ideasicle expert panels.

We have just begun exploring a "vertical strategy" with Ideasicle Experts, where we form panels of Experts who share an expertise on an audience or a category off of whom clients can bounce ideas and get realtime feedback and improvements. So it's lighter weight but more frequent access to these brilliant minds.

For example, we recently completed a job with The Limited (women’s clothing retailer). From our pool of 25 Experts we recruited an all-female team of creative rock stars because we knew women would have a better appreciation for the product and, more importantly, the audience. That was for an ideation project. Imagine having access to a panel like this all the time.

We have the ability to organize Expert Teams around any audience or category, like women, men, Millennials, kids, college kids, people who love to travel, sports enthusiasts, golfers, ping-pong players, Vegans, the fashion minded, even owners of pink Cadillacs with poodles who love pasta. 

Maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. We are currently actively building panels around:

If interested contact us.

In summary, if you have a problem to be solved with great ideas, call us. We will work something out that benefits both of us.