Seriously, nothing is ever unthinkable here.

You can expect a flurry of ideas for any kind of specific challenge you throw at us, not limited to:

  • Brand Ideas
  • Promotional Ideas
  • PR Stunts
  • Mobile App Concepts & Functionality
  • Social Media Ideas
  • Advertising Concepts
  • Tag Lines
  • Names (for companies, products, features, anything)
  • Short Film Concepts
  • Quick Hits where we do one round of ideas to jump start your own creative process (great for ad agencies and in-house agencies - case study with Constant Contact here and Vistaprint here)

We also do many Blue Sky Projects where the clients aren't looking for specific ideas, but instead have a marketing problem. In those cases, we will come up with any and all kinds of ideas - given parameters of production budget and timing - that solve the problem.

And you'll love this. We don't get all precious and present only three ideas and then try to ram a recommendation down your throat. We present about ten ideas (on average) and don't try to "sell" any of them. We just present them and listen to your reaction. That reaction feeds our second round of ideas making them even sharper and more potent. In this way, our clients are an integral part of the creative process.

So it's really two flurries of ideas per project. We even have "Nothing Is Unthinkable" tee shirts.

Zero execution = Zero bias.

As a matter of principle, we do not execute our ideas, we only think of them. It’s liberating, really. We strip away the executional biases by reducing marketing to its essence: the idea. Yes, we leave lots of money on the table, but we don’t care. Our model guarantees that we will never edit our ideas based on the amount of money we’ll make executing them.

Our clients execute using their existing resources or we can recommend a resource through our network. Sometimes we even assign an Expert to a job with the intention of using his or her agency for execution. There is literally no telling what we’ll come up with, even if it’s free to execute.

Ideasicle expert panels.

We have just begun assembling panels of Experts who share an expertise on an audience or a category. These panels could do traditional Ideasicle jobs and come up with ideas. Or they could serve as an ongoing source by which clients run their own existing ideas to get feedback and improvements. 

One we recently launched is Ideasicle: Sport, devoted entirely to sports marketing projects.

We have the ability to organize Expert Teams around women, men, Millennials, kids, college kids, people who love to travel, vegans, the fashion minded, even owners of pink Cadillacs with poodles who love pasta for breakfast. 

Maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.