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What the hell happened to August? Jeesh. Hoping time will slow down long enough for you to take in this month's Ideasicle Newsletter. Some stuff you'll want to see.

I cover a creative tip about how changing locations can improve your creativity. I review an incredible ESPN film, propose to the Forbes world a singular theory on how to increase the odds of new ideas (called CHANCE), review a new film series from a production company that we can all learn from, a great idea from Ford Brazil live from a pro basketball broadcast, and I update you on Bud Light's love affair with Cleveland Browns fans.

Oh, and a new service that I just launched this week with my friend, Darren Feeney, specifically for professional athletes that you won't want to miss.

So hurry up and read it. Before it's October.

Will Burns
Founder/CEO of Ideasicle and Forbes Contributor
Creativity Is About Location, Location, Location

I stumbled upon a suggestion in Inc. Magazine called "Spark Creativity by Changing Location." In it, as you probably guessed, the writer recommends changing locations as a way to increase creativity. I believe this will work for two reasons. Remember the concept of "psychological distance"? It's when you imagine yourself in another place or another time AND THEN do your creative work. Doing so has been proven to increase your creativity--just imagining yourself somewhere else. So actually being somewhere else probably works, too. Also, and the article suggests as much, you gotta think that a new environment will mean new stuff entering your thought process, which only increases the odds of novel, creative, idea collisions. So, next time you're stuck in a creative rut, get out!

I am a Forbes Contributor and I write about the importance of creativity in modern branding. I celebrate the great work, point out the weaker work, and in general pick apart the strategies for my readers. Below are posts from last month.
ESPN And The Aspen Institute Team Up To Keep Kids In The Game

Last year only 38% of kids ages 6 to 12 played sports regularly. That's down from 45% in 2008. It's a problem for kids. It's a problem for sports, as a sport's potency correlates with participation. But it's also a problem for parents and parents might be the problem in the first place.

Creativity Is A Delicate Process, But Marketers Can Increase The Odds Of New Ideas

It took a career to put my obsession with creativity and all I've learned together into a single theory about how creativity happens and what we can do as marketers to increase the odds of new ideas. I call it CHANCE--curiosity, hope, attention, noticing and environment.

New Film Series Doesn't Aim To Educate Marketers, But Does Anyway

Community Films’ has launched a comedic web series about the humorous, ego crushing, over-analyzed silliness that plagues the world of film-making. You'll want to watch these because they are funny. But you need to watch them because they provide a sugary platform for painful advice for "clients."

Ford Creatively Goes Anti-Sound To Sell Anti-Skid Technology

Ford Brazil recently pulled a stunt on live Fox Sports tv broadcasts of the Brazilian Basketball League. They pitched their "Anti-skid" technology during the basketball game by eliminating the iconic "squeaking" sound players make with their sneakers. An incredibly creative way to make its point.

Bud Light Doubles Down On Cleveland Browns With A Twist On The 'Victory Fridge'

Bud Light continues its laser focus on Cleveland Browns fans this year, extending its "Victory Fridge" promotion in a bold and pretty funny way. Having been to a Browns game every year for the past nine seasons, I'm not surprised Bud Light sees Cleveland as a tier-one, beer-drinking chuggernaut.

Soon, even less will be unthinkable. We are introducing a revolutionary new product in the coming months. If you are in the idea business or your business depends on ideas, you will want to be aware of Ideasicle X. For now the details are top secret. But as we get closer to launch we will be able to share more. Click the Ideasicle X logo above to sign up for email updates and offers. And be sure to tell us if you want to be a beta user. Hey, nothing is unthinkable.

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NEW: The Branded Athlete
Have you ever seen an athlete pitching a product and wonder, “How the hell does HE make sense for THAT?” It can be embarrassing for all involved, not to mention inauthentic to the viewing public. Well, a partner and I have developed a way for athletes to avoid such random acts of sponsorship.

Introducing The Branded Athlete.

The Branded Athlete is the brainchild of friend and sports marketer of Titleist fame, Darren Feeney, and branding expert, yours truly. We work with athletes to help them find and articulate their own personal, unique, powerful brand ideas so that corporate sponsorships become less random and more purposeful and mutually-beneficial partnerships.

If you know any professional athletes (at any level) or their agents, please have them contact Darren at darren@thebrandedathlete.com.

Burns Consulting - Finding Your Brand Idea
I believe so much in the power of having a brand idea, I work with companies to help come up with brand ideas or sharpen their existing idea. Click through to see a few case studies.

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