“Send us your most difficult marketing problem. The one that has been keeping you up at night. The one that no one else seems to be able to crack. Yes, that one. Challenge us.”

- Will Burns, Founder + CEO

Let Ideasicle Turn Your Toughest Marketing Problem into a Revenue Generating Marketing Idea.

Forget big agency bureaucracy. Forget long lead times. Virtual ideation is the fastest, most effective marketing idea source today. Why? Because it’s expert sourcing, not crowd sourcing. And with absolutely no executional bias.

Let me explain.

it's Expert Sourcing, Not Crowd Sourcing.

Unlike crowd sourcing solutions, our ideas are generated from a potent pool of 25 proven marketing minds handpicked by me. These ‘superfriends’ come from agencies, freelance careers, and even client side roles to ideate through our Ideasicle Technology Platform. With this new form of ideation, my experts do not compete with each other but are incentivized to work their magic as a team. 

You get first rate marketing ideas coming to you fresh and fast. 

Zero Execution = Zero Bias.

We do not execute our ideas, we only think of them. We strip away the executional biases by reducing marketing to its essence: the idea. Yes, we leave lots of money on the table. But our model guarantees that we will never edit our ideas based on the amount of money we’ll make executing them. 

There’s literally no telling what we’ll come up with, even if it’s free to execute. 

So you get an amalgam of experience, talent, perspective, and a whopping dose of zero bias. And we’re breaking all the rules to do it. 

clients Call Us, “Secret Weapon,” “Titanium Bullet,” “The Model of the Future.”

An Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) client said during one of our presentations, “I’ve never had so much fun at work!” Another client said, “You guys are like marketing therapy.”

We admit that great ideas are most definitely fun. But they’re fun because they can change the game for our clients. Those clients include Staples, Cineplex Entertainment, Vistaprint, The Limited, Reebok, CVS, Warner Music Group, AMD, Pete’s Wicked Ale, and The New York Times. Advertising agencies such as MMB, Baldwin&, Allen & Gerritsen, Juice Pharma, and Peter Mayer use Ideasicle to goose their new business pitches with ideas.

Specifically, some client reactions:

Susan Gingrich, RD, Medical Nutrition Product Director at Cambrooke Foods

“We needed a great brand idea and a realistic nuts-and-bolts consumer communications plan and that's exactly what Ideasicle delivered. We feel excited and empowered that our new brand captures the value of the products we are bringing to those in need."

Jamie cropped.jpg
Jamie Graham, Creative Director, Constant Contact
"Will and his wallies inspired and complemented our own in-house creative teams’ efforts from strategy right through execution, and the cumulative result is a seamless collaboration of brilliant advertising. Our top management was justifiably overwhelmed." 

Karen Rowden, Marketing Manager at Epson Printers
"Epson engaged Ideasicle to come up with a unique marketing concept for our consumer retail channel. They came back with really creative and innovative ideas to achieve our program objectives - and then some!  It was fast, easy, and effective; from the briefing process through to the final Ideasicle. I love the fact that we can engage with such great creative talent on a project by project basis." 

Bridget O’Brien, VP Brand, Communications, & Creative at Vistaprint
“It wasn’t so much outsourcing ideas as it was importing inspiration. The Ideasicle process virtually guarantees large doses of speedy inspiration." 

Will Burns, CEO.

I am the founder of Ideasicle, personally working on every assignment. I’m also a regular Forbes Contributor writing about creativity in modern branding. 

Before Ideasicle, I worked at some of the most creative advertising agencies in the country, including Leonard/Monahan, Goodby, Wieden & Kennedy, Arnold and Mullen. And I won over $1 billion in new billings as head of business development at Arnold in Boston. Yes, that’s “b” as in billion. 

I started Ideasicle in 2010, recruiting my star studded team of Ideasicle Experts from the best of those I met along the way. 

Let’s Talk for 30 Minutes…Expert Ideation at No Cost to You.

If you’re stuck and need a quick, creative solution, I invite you to get together with me for up to 30 minutes on the phone, no charge. We’ll discuss your marketing promotion, problem, or the kind of idea you think is required.
All this at no cost to you. Even if for some reason we decide not to work together, no hard feelings, no obligation. And I guarantee you’ll walk away from our conversation energized and on the road to unstuck. 

Click below and place “Let’s Talk” in the email’s subject line. I’ll get back to you and we’ll arrange our conversation.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon. 

Will Burns, CEO