Ideas are who they are.

"It's like an idea video game." That's how one of our Experts put it when describing his experience on a few projects. And it's not surprising when you consider our model strips away all the parts of the business creative people hate - meetings, production schedules, focus groups, time sheets, client pressures (sorry, nothing personal), agency politics, etc. - and keeps only the fun part, the ideas. 

Ideasicle compensates our experts in a way that incentivizes teamwork, riffing and building. No one gets paid more for "winning ideas." They all get paid as long as they actively participate. That's because we believe the inspiration for an idea - a notion, a thought, an observation - is just as valuable as the resulting idea itself. 

There are virtues to virtual.

Our ideation happens on a password-protected virtual technology platform that makes it incredibly easy for the Experts to absorb a video briefing, post ideas in time-deferred ways, and see each other’s ideas for maximum riffing and building. 

Ideas don't tend to happen behind a desk, they happen "out there" while living life. Further, no one is creative the same exact way. So our model is flexible enough to conform to the Experts’ respective creative habits, not the other way around. They can email ideas to the platform, post through their iPhone or iPad, use a desktop application or use the web. That way, when an idea hits - no matter where it hits - it can get posted right then and there.

Another Expert (interestingly, a female) said this, "I love that we're reduced to a typeface." You could say our virtual ideation model removes some of the human barriers and biases inherent with in-person brainstorming.

So, whether it’s coming up with creative ideas for a tag line, a more elaborate promotion or even having us “blue sky” creative ideas to solve large marketing problems, we can get you the magic of great thinking very quickly. 

 The Ideasicle process starts with a New Idea Brief. The brief is then delivered via video on our password protected site as we recruit the experts for the assignment.

Teams of four Experts means exponential ideas.

The Ideasicle model thrives off smart clients who can point us in the right direction. Once pointed, nothing is unthinkable. The Experts are already pre-recruited and vetted for genius and speed (we’re not interested in genius in three weeks). Further, the virtues of the virtual model coupled with these Experts working in teams of four dramatically accelerates idea generation over more traditional methods with one or two people.

The Experts do not compete with each other like they do in crowd sourcing solutions. Instead, they are incentivized to work their magic as a team, posting ideas and riffing off each other until the polished gems emerge. And it’s that riffing and building between four different talents and perspectives that is the real magic of Ideasicle.

It's quite a sight.