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We are offering a $5,000 discount on any two-round project just for our Newsletter Subscribers. Normally, we charge $25,000 for two-round projects. But for you we will do them for $20,000 if you start the project before May 1, 2019.

There is no better way to access creative talent this good for this money. You will get at least ten completely different ideas per round (so at least twenty total) that solve your marketing problem. And the entire project can be done in less than 3 weeks, faster if necessary.

Whatever you need: go-to-market ideas, names for a new product, brand ideas, promotional hooks, content ideas, social media ideas, you name it. Or don’t name it and just give us the marketing problem you’re facing and we’ll take it from there.

Note: not transferable. Be sure to use the same email address below that you signed up for our Newsletter with so we can be sure it’s you.

Here we go.


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