The winner of the “Who’s Poncho?” contest is MMB’s Brian Hayes! He correctly guessed on our Facebook page that Poncho is none other than the great David Register. We are very proud to have him in our ranks. As part of his coming out party, I asked David to write something about his experience with Ideasicle and here’s what he wrote.

Note, I was blown away.

David Register, inspired by his dad.

David Register, inspired by his dad.

When I was young and full of endless questions, my dad used to say to me “if you can think of it, people have done it.” So, I would sit quietly in the back of our ‘69 Volvo wagon, usually in tennis attire, thinking of outlandish, disgusting and perverse possibilities. And then I would ask him, “do you think a person has ever done this crazy thing or that disgusting thing…” And he would always say, “if you can think of it, people have done it.” And that just got me thinking all over again, thinking of even crazier things, weirder things, more gruesome possibilities.

Years later, I asked him, when I was copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather, if he said that to me to get me thinking beyond the normal, beyond the obvious, and he answered, “No, I said that to get you to shut-up and stop talking for once.” He liked to drive in silence.

This is not dissimilar to the goal at Ideasicle and its tag, Nothing is unthinkable. Advertising is full of talk talk talk. Ideasicle is a place to think.

“Poncho” unmasked.

“Poncho” unmasked.

And our jobs as creative thinkers is to keep thinking. It’s to assume that it’s been done before and to keep going. The group think-tank at Ideasicle allows this to happen with multiple, and diverse creatives minds, pulled specifically for the right projects. No single agency can boast the roster that Will has assembled.

I am humbled to be in this group. And am proud to be unmasked.

Like many of my fellow Ideasicle experts, my skill set is varied. I’m a copywriter by trade, having worked on big accounts such as Progressive, Fidelity, New Balance and CenturyLink. And my passion is photography and directing, which is my primary focus these days at Truth-Bullet.

And although I am fortunate to flex all of these creative muscles for a living, at the heart of it all, I am a storyteller. A storyteller in constant search of that tale untold. That brilliant idea not yet expressed. To create things people have yet created.

Sure, my dad used to say, “If you can think of it, people have done it,” but back then there was no such thing as Ideasicle, where nothing is unthinkable.


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