Creativity is so intangible, so fleeting, so elusive, so delicate, so precious that it can't ever be guaranteed. All we can do is increase the odds of it happening. That's it.

And that, my friends, is why Ideasicle works. Our model does not guarantee creativity, but it does increases the odds of it. Almost unfairly. Here are three specific ways.

1. Multiple perspectives colliding.

This is a biggie. If you have one person working on a creative project you have one chance at creative gold. If you have two people, you double your odds. If you have four people, your odds of creativity go up 400% from just one. 

But...if you have four people working together on a creative project, you increase your odds exponentially.

That's because one person will post an idea that may or may not be great and the other three will read it and be inspired. They will point the idea in different directions, they will inject new concepts and articulations into it. They will come up with completely new ideas because they read this one idea.

Now, imagine that cascading dynamic happening with a team made up of a seasoned PR person, two creative directors and a cultural anthropologist (it's happened). Because these people see the world very differently, their ideas are more likely to inspire, if not provoke, the others.

Yes, having multiple perspectives colliding on a project like we have is sorta like cheating.

2. Experts reduced to a typeface.

I've talked about this before, but one of my female Experts once said, "I love that we're reduced to a typeface." Interesting, right? And another way Ideasicle increases the odds of creativity.

woman working.png

In an in-person brainstorm, there are all kinds of human dynamics that can inhibit creativity. There's always the loud asshole in the room who just wants to be heard. There's the politics, posturing and competition, particularly when the boss is in the room. And then there's the dismissive bias - be it gender, racial, age or something else. 

Because my Experts are "reduced to a typeface" on our platform, none of those human dynamics come into play. Each Expert is on equal footing because their "type" looks exactly the same.

Better odds or more cheating? You decide.

3. Always having the right people.

With my pool of now-28 creative Experts I can choose the perfect team of four for each project. If it's a tag line assignment, I'll go with all writers. If it's a retail assignment, I'll include one retail marketing Expert, a couple creatives and maybe a PR person as a wildcard. 

Further, I can always find at least one Expert who has first-hand experience in whichever category we're about to work on. Having one Expert with relevant experience helps keep the group's ideas more realistic.

This kind of flexibility is like playing with loaded dice.

Odds are we'll get it right.

There are other things that increase odds of creativity at Ideasicle. We play the numbers, literally, by doing two rounds of ten ideas each (not just two or three). The virtual model means the Experts are free to be creative in their own ways. I'm told the idea-generating process is really fun. Etc.

So if you're struggling with a creative project and want to increase the odds of success, give us a call. We will put the full force of our "Nothing is unthinkable" attitude on it.

You can bet on that.



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