For the first time in our 8 year history, Ideasicle will be unmasking one of our heretofore anonymous Experts. On July 9, 2018, to be exact. And if you are the FIRST to accurately guess who it is prior to that announcement, you will win an Ideasicle "Nothing Is Unthinkable" Tee Shirt. 

Who is "The Director"?

One of the first Ideasicle Experts to join the ranks and working under the pseudonym, "The Director," this Expert will soon no longer need to be anonymous and has told me is excited to go public.

Here is the description we've used all these years to describe this Expert without giving away his identity:


"THE DIRECTOR. This guy is the master director of the visual idea. Been sharpening this power for twenty years at various New England agencies. He’s art director and writer wrapped up into one super-amalgam of both. Awards too numerous to mention for clients too high profile to name."

Now, the question for you is...

Who is it? 


How to win.

This tee shirt, like, makes you think. Guess right and get one.

This tee shirt, like, makes you think. Guess right and get one.

Post your guess either on the Ideasicle Facebook Page as a comment beneath where this link is posted or post your guess below in the comments who you think "The Director" is.

The time-stamp will be noted and the first person to guess it correctly gets the free Ideasicle tee. 

The winner will be announced in the unmasking blog post on July 9, 2018.

Why has "The Director" been anonymous?

As many of you know, most of our Experts are public, but a few remain anonymous due to the fact they are still working at other agencies. They work with Ideasicle on the side and only when there are no conflicts with their current agencies. Works out for everyone.

Good luck with the guessing. We can't wait to unmask.

Oh, and one last clue: think big.