The last thing I want to do at Ideasicle is present ideas our client can't use because it's in some way naive to the nature of their business. Many agencies are wonderful creatively but struggle because they don't have the right experience in-house. So they make due with the talent they have or hire a ridiculously expensive consultant to come in for a couple days to coach the team up.

At Ideasicle we never have this kind of talent problem. Our virtual platform allows us to patch together exactly the right team for every single job no matter how exotic it may be. Even if that means bringing someone in from the outside for a guest appearance.

And we can only do this because our Experts work virtually and, therefore, can be anywhere in the world when they work on an assignment.

Anchor expert grounds otherwise unbridled creativity.

Fact is, we could choose any four of our Experts at random and they would do a kick-ass job on any assignment. But for some projects brilliance and creative thinking aren't terribly useful if they go ungrounded.

For projects like that we add an "anchor" expert. Someone who has vertical expertise on the particular assignment. And that may be vertical market experience, audience expertise, geographical/cultural expertise or even channel experience.

With an anchor as part of the team, the others can let it rip. They can be thinking as blue sky as they like and the anchor can see those ideas and, when necessary, ground the ideas into his or her area of expertise. The anchor might say, "That idea with the drone skywriting inside the Best Buy is great, but a big box retailer ain't gonna go for that. However, we could retain the core concept if we..." 

Conversely, the anchor expert is also posting ideas that the rest of the team can see, build upon, etc. It goes both ways.

But the naivety of the idea is always stripped away so we're left with an idea the client might actually do and an idea Ideasicle can actually be proud to present. 

From Dubai to marketing-to-women to aisle 3.

A couple examples of using anchor experts.

We once did a project for AMD, the computer chip company, where they needed a promotion for a Mexican CE retailer, TelMex. We understood the AMD product inside and out, having done several projects for them, but we had no experts who understood the culture of Mexico City. 

I hear Ideasicle is big in Dubai. (Photo by  denis harsch  on  Unsplash )

I hear Ideasicle is big in Dubai. (Photo by denis harsch on Unsplash)

So I recruited on a temporary basis a freelance creative director one of my Experts knew and respected and she became our anchor expert on that assignment. Most of the ideas the team (including her) came up with would have worked anywhere in the world, but there were a few times my anchor expert had to shift the idea in order to make it more relevant to those in Mexico City.

Another time, same client, it was a promotion in a Dubai Mall. Same deal, I found a creative director from Dubai through the Magnet Network, and he worked on it with the rest of the domestic team.

Geographical dispersion of the team wasn't an issue at all. In fact, it worked in our favor. Our domestic team of three would jam on a bunch of ideas during the day and then at night (our night) the Dubai creative director would go in, add his ideas and craft others already posted to make them more culturally relevant. 

But our most popular go-to-anchors are in the retail space and in the "marketing to women" space. So popular we don't have to go outside, we have them pre-recruited and ready to rip in the Ideasicle ranks. 

Better, more usable ideas with exactly the right people.

Eliminating the traditional requirement that creative people be in the same room when creating liberates us at Ideasicle. Working virtually means the team can think between posts, read each other's ideas, build on them and riff on them.

Add to that the fact we can assemble the perfect team doing the riffing and building, and you've got something special. 



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