David Baldwin is a famous creative director running his own shop, Baldwin&. Kat Gordon is constantly running around the country in support of her "3% Conference," which she founded. Liz Gumbinner can be seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America, PBS and other shows because she is a creative director-turned publisher/editor-in-chief of one of the most popular digital networks for parents in the country, "Cool Mom Picks." How do we get these incredible people to add "Ideasicle Expert" to their list?

Three things: we make no demands as to which projects they must work on, we tap into their in-between moments of their day, and we pay them well.

Flexibility to choose.

Right now we are up to 28 Experts in our pool. For any given project I will send a notice out to all of the Experts and give them the details of the job: timing, nature of the assignment, money, category/brand, etc. And from that the Experts can raise their hands, or not.

Usually I get 1/2 to 2/3 of the Experts raising their hands for the job. Then it's up to me to choose the right team of four Experts for that particular job. 

But the point here is that at any given moment if an Expert is overwhelmed with their work or personal life, they do not have to raise their hands. Our model is flexible that way.

And when an Expert does raise his or her hand, I know they are confident they can devote the time.

It's about the in-between moments of the day.

Speaking of time, one Expert on the platform described her experience this way:

“With a traditional brainstorm, it’s a meeting and it ends and you stop thinking about it. With the virtual model we were thinking about ideas in all the in-between moments of our day and posting them on the fly.”

It's that "in-between moments" point that is critical here at Ideasicle. We don't ask our Experts to keep time sheets because Ideasicle is not about hours and time-of-staff. It's about ideas.

Ideas happen out there, not in here.

Ideas happen out there, not in here.

And we know enough about the nature of creativity to know that ideas happen "out there" while you're living your life, not "in here" at a desk in front of a computer screen. So we work hard writing inspirational creative briefs because we know that the Ideasicle Experts, once so inspired, will not be able to help themselves but come up with ideas. It's who they are.

In coffee shops, on the train, while watching TV, at a daughter's soccer game. Ideas will strike when they damn well please. And strike they will.

Ideasicle just needs to equip the Experts with technology to access the job from anywhere inspiration may strike so they can post ideas, see others team members' ideas, build and riff. 

Besides, everybody hates time sheets.

Pay them well.

With our Expert Sourcing model, we are entirely virtual. We have no corporate offices, no company planes (unless you count this one), nor expensive benefits packages as the Experts are all freelance. And because our Expert fees are our only real overhead, we can pay them well.

And remember we do not ask the Experts to fly to Boston, get a hotel room, and park themselves in a conference room for five days. We don't need their bodies, we just need their brains.

It's a job, to be sure. But an enjoyable one because it's a purely collaborative, not competitive process, which is unique in the ad industry. You get the best work because no one has any motive to undermine anyone else, jockey for position, title or promotion. To them, Ideasicle is an enjoyable way to be wildly creative, rub elbows with other creative Experts in their field, and put money away for their kids' college fund. 

Ah, ideas.

So that's how we get David, Kat and Liz, and all the others, to be Ideasicle Experts. And hiring us is the only way to get access to these special folks creating together on behalf of your business. We'd love to show you what we can do.



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