It's been eight years now since I started this virtual idea-generating machine we call Ideasicle. Over the years I've often been asked what an idea session is like and what I tell them is that it's like a parallel universe for ideas. I live my life in our physical reality while ideas are happening in Ideasicle's virtual reality. And that simple fact is one of the main reasons virtual idea generation is so powerful. Let me explain.

Time-deferred Creativity Is Better Creativity

The fact is, creativity happens "out there," where people are living life and running into all the randomness that life provides. Creativity is less likely to happen at your desk (at all), nor when you schedule it to because that’s the only time you can think about it.

No, creativity is far more likely to happen when an existing thought in your brain collides with an experience outside your brain. That external experience may be seemingly mundane and disconnected from your creative assignment, but something connects anyway and boom, an idea is born.

Ideasicle allows for this kind of creativity because we have no meetings, no offices, no representation in the physical world really at all. This virtual, parallel universe means our Experts are free to live, free to experience stuff, and free to let creativity happen naturally. When an idea hits them “out there,” they can quickly post it for the rest of their team to see right from their phones. 

And then, back to living.

We call this kind of creativity “time-deferred” because the Experts can post their ideas whenever they want, whenever the ideas hit them. But this method of idea generation requires maximum inspiration up front in order to work. In other words, the creative brief must be provocative, memorable, and a fun problem for creative people to obsess about. As such, we put serious pressure on this single page document.

The degree to which a creative person is inspired, in my experience, correlates positively with the likelihood that he or she will have a great idea. Add to that the power of time-deferred creativity and you’re cooking with gas.

Idea Avalanches In A Parallel Universe

Ideasicle is like a parallel universe for ideas. Photo by  Michal Lomza  on  Unsplash

Ideasicle is like a parallel universe for ideas. Photo by Michal Lomza on Unsplash

Recently I was a speaker at the In-house Agency Forum in Boston. I had a one-hour presentation I called “Don’t Just Brand The Channel, Channel The Brand.” It took lots of preparation time, rehearsal time and then, of course, presentation time. 

All the while - in our parallel, idea-generating universe - I had a team of geniuses working on advertising campaign ideas for Fantastic Sams. 

I would leave my physicalness from time to time to check out the team’s ideas, post my own (I can’t help myself), and otherwise make sure the work is on brief. But because it’s virtual, like my Experts, I can do all that from anywhere, anytime, and from my computer, my phone or my iPad.

What we have been proving at Ideasicle these eight years is that ideas do not require bricks, mortar or overhead. They just require inspiration and a team of four brilliant Experts.

Oh, and a parallel universe.



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