Last month Ideasicle Expert, “The Director,” was unveiled as Executive Creative Director Wade Devers. Today, we announce that the Expert formerly known as “Ball” is none other than the great Don Lane—of Arnold Worldwide and more recently DraftKings fame.

Don Lane Bio

An account guy by trade and an idea guy at heart. Don had over 20+ years at Arnold Worldwide and led accounts ranging from Volkswagen and Volvo to ESPN and Titleist.

aka, THE Don Lane

aka, THE Don Lane

He even helped conceive creative campaigns, even earning a copywriter credit on an award-winning Super Bowl spot.

Most recently, he was SVP, Brand & Creative at DraftKings, where he led the brand strategy and creative teams.

He's hard to describe: agency + client; strategic + creative. And all about ideas. 

My experience with Don

When I was director of business development at Arnold, Don was my favorite account guy to work with in a pitch. I could always count on his ability to understand a new category quickly (they’re almost always new when pitching) and come to strategic conclusions just as quickly with how communications could help the brand.

I remember he would often say “Cosmos!” whenever a coincidence happened, and there were many when working on pitches with him. He would almost see the universe as a co-conspirator in whatever we were doing. I love that because it shows how optimistic and driven he always is.

But the best thing about Don—and the real reason I invited him to become an Ideasicle Expert—is his love for ideas. He may get the chills even more than I do when he either has, or witnesses someone have, a brilliant idea.

Don brings so much to Ideasicle projects—his quick wit, tons of automobile and sports knowledge and a complete lack of fear for heaving a creative Hail Mary. He inspires the other Experts he works with, is always encouraging and brings an energy that is so important to virtual idea generation.

And the winner of the Ideasicle tee shirt is…

Craig Johnson! He very early in the contest posted Don’s name on our Facebook post and will be the proud owner of an Ideasicle “Nothing is unthinkable” tee shirt.

Congratulations, Craig, and thanks to all of you who made your guesses.



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