Up to this year, Ideasicle has been deployed primarily for one-off projects. A client needs a burst of ideas for a promotion or for video concepts or go-to-market ideas for a local effort. But lately a new trend has emerged that I’d like to share: cascading projects where the results of one feeds the next.

One splash leads to the next splash.

Recently Ideasicle was hired to come up with:

  1. Brand Ideas - in the form of tag lines and manifesto for the approved tag line

  2. Names - for the client’s critical program that helped prove the brand idea

  3. Go To Market Ideas - to launch this new program

As many of you know, I am a big believer that a brand idea should drive everything a company does. So you can imagine how fun it was to be able to come up with the brand idea and then be influenced by that brand idea as we came up with the names and subsequent go-to-market ideashe work was on a rope strategically and creatively.

With another client it was developing Brand Ideas, Manifesto and Go-To-Market ideas (no naming), but the power of it was just the same.

It’s like a cascading waterfall of ideas.

A Compressed, purposeful cascade.

You may be thinking the above scenarios took 6-12 months to complete. But with our process we can complete each stage within two weeks. Less sometimes. So 6 weeks total.

It’s like a cascading waterfall of ideas. (Photo by  Kouji Tsuru  on  Unsplash )

It’s like a cascading waterfall of ideas. (Photo by Kouji Tsuru on Unsplash)

So that means our brand idea is fresh in our minds when we get to the next stage. And, better yet, being so new the brand idea is just dying to become real - and we’re dying to make it real. This excitement feeds our creativity.

There are implications in assigning the teams for each project. We want some continuity throughout, but we also want fresh perspectives working at each stage.

So we’ll assign the brand idea team - maybe two creatives (including at least one writer), a strategist and an anchor expert who knows the category - we always use four experts. We’ll present two rounds of at least ten brand ideas, each.

One of the writers will be tasked with writing the manifesto for the approved idea. Having been part of the team coming up with the ideas, the writer is already nicely equipped and has zero learning curve.

The naming project might include one of the original brand idea team members, too. Again for continuity’s sake. For naming projects we’ll come up with two rounds of 25-30 names. Then another expert from the original team might be on the go-to-market project as well.

Lots of fresh thinkers coupled with the original brand team members. Plus I am there every step of the way as well, helping steer ideas strategically and throwing in my own ideas (can’t help myself).

Lots of combinations.

In thinking about your business, you may require different combinations of cascading projects. A couple examples to get the wheels turning:

  • Brand Idea feeds into go-to-market ideas feeds into blowing out one of the go-to-market ideas in all its glory. Note: brand ideas can feed into anything, by definition.

  • Naming project feeds into go-to-market ideas feeds into blowing out one go-to-market idea in all its glory.

  • Promotional idea feeds into go-to-market ideas and maybe that’s it.

Hey, nothing is unthinkable. Give me a call to discuss.



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