This week I wrote a piece on entitled, "How To Overcome Organizational 'Working Memory' And Liberate Your Creativity." In it, I describe the parallel of our own working memory and how gets in the way of our creativity to a company's collective inertia and inability to get out of its own "ways" when it comes to creativity.

I go on to explain that companies with strong a "working memory" can increase their creativity with a dose of outside perspective. Bring people from the outside who are big thinkers but are just naive enough to remain mentally unshackled. 

What I could not say - only allude to - is that Ideasicle serves this role with our clients all the time.

"You unstuck us."

That's a quote from a recent Ideasicle client, Farah Pandith, a former senior level US government official and pioneer in work on countering violent extremism, who also served at The White House and the US Department of State.

Ideas can do that.

Most clients who hire Ideasicle understand that ideas can change everything. In Farah's case above, it was a naming project. They'd tried very hard to come up with names for their new counter-extremism organization but, well, got stuck.

Our ideas, because we were from the outside and not "stuck" in any intellectual ruts, approached the assignment from completely new perspectives.

 The client is part of the creative process.

Yes, Ideasicle comes up with ideas that can be deployed right off the page. But more often than not our ideas serve as inspiration for our clients. Inspiration so that they can think differently about their marketing problems.

As Bridget O’Brien, VP Brand, Communications & Creative at Vistaprint, put it:

“It wasn’t so much outsourcing ideas as it was importing inspiration. The Ideasicle process virtually guarantees large doses of speedy inspiration. The rest is up to us.”

In fact, it was fun to watch Bridget's teams react to our ideas. We presented to their in-house agency, so there were creative directors, strategists, and account people in the room.  They were on the edge of their seats. It was like Christmas morning.

Each idea we presented sparked something in someone. But more importantly each idea inspired conversations and teed up mini-brainstorms on the fly. Brand new ideas were born live in that conference room, inspired by ours. People got up and wrote things on the white board, others riffed on the ideas, built upon them, and otherwise brought their experience and talents to them.

Our ideas were, and often are, like therapy for an organization.

Ideas can "unstuck" you. Ideas can "inspire" you and your teams. And while I couldn't say so in my Forbes piece because they frown upon self-promotion, this is what Ideasicle does. It's who we are.

Nothing is unthinkable!