We are excited to announce a new division at Ideasicle. And that is, Ideasicle: She. As the name indicates, Ideasicle: She will be solely focused on marketing ideas to women. To that end, we have recruited a team of Experts who are not just genius creative people and strategists, but are professionally potent in another way: deep expertise in female marketing.

As many clients know too well, it's difficult to find women at the higher ranks of advertising creative departments. Well, imagine a whole team of them - the best of the best - pre-recruited and ready to think about your marketing problem.

We believe Ideasicle: She will be the least expensive, most efficient way to tap into female marketing expertise today. But the way we have constructed this division might be counter-intuitive to many.

Always Have Some He In She.

As I was constructing the team of Experts for Ideasicle: She one of the first people I reached out to was Katherine (Kat) Gordon. Kat was already a productive Ideasicle Expert and the founder of the 3% Conference, an organization devoted to changing the fact that only 3% of advertising creative directors were women (it's now 11% thanks in large part to Kat's efforts).

Kat's first reaction to my plea was:

Count me in with one caveat. Will, you must always be part of the team. The reason why is simple: all-female teams are just as limiting as all-male teams. Sorry to be the constant voice of 3%, but the benefit of diversity is diversity. I refused to help with an all-female ad jury recently. We need men and women working together. And we need diversity among the women on this team which (hopefully) we have. Not all Moms. Not all straight. Not all young or old or white or black. 

Boom. I was inspired.

My intention was to stack the deck with women and go, but before we could even get started my own female-marketing Expert set me straight! It's diversity we need, not just silos of trapped thinking. Ideasicle: She was already working!

As such, I have recruited an incredible team of women who are also experts at communicating to women (see below). But I have left an ongoing slot for a male Ideasicle Expert for any given project, whom we will recruit once we know the nature of your project. We have plenty of men to choose from in the Ideasicle ranks. 

Ideasicle: She. The Experts. 

Imagine these creative people working on your brand or your marketing project targeted to women.

Katherine Gordon

Kat is a serious “triple threat.” She’s an entrepreneur, a creative director, and a marketing-to-women expert. She was named one of 2013's "Top 10 Women to Watch" in Ad Age. She started her career as a copywriter at Cosmopolitan and was then hired as the youngest copywriter ever at Sports Illustrated. She’s the founder her own agency, Maternal Instinct, and as stated above she's the founder of the “3% Conference,” an organization devoted to increasing the number of female creative directors in the world.

Liz Gumbinner:

Liz brings huge perspective to every Ideasicle project. She was a writer and EVP Creative Director at Deutsch NY for many years before becoming one of the top parenting bloggers and website publishers in the country with Mom-101, Cool Mom Picks, and Cool Mom Tech. She's been on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Katie Couric (click here for that one). Liz could work on any kind of Ideasicle assignment, but when we get one targeted to moms she's the first one we run to.

Alexandra Watkins

We get a lot of naming projects here at Ideasicle, so you’ll be happy to know we’ve got an Expert who wrote the book on naming. It’s called “Hello, My Name Is Awesome. How To Create Brand Names That Stick.” Alexandra is the founder of her own company called Eat My Words, a San Francisco naming firm that specializes in creating brand names that make people smile instead of scratch their head. Team her up with three other Ideasicle brains and imagine the names we could come up with for you.

Lisa Taylor


Lisa is an award-winning writer and brand promotions specialist. I met her at Arnold in Boston after I had invented this thing called the “Innovation Station,” a precursor to Ideasicle, where we threw out idea challenges to the entire agency. I discovered quickly she had an uncanny talent for the virtual medium. She comes from the brand promotions/PR world and I couldn’t wait to recruit her to Ideasicle when she started her consultancy, Taylor Writing, which we did in 2014. Lucky us.


A "masked" Expert for professional reasons. Some creative directors are great at the creative part and that's it. Others like "Guts" are also great at the strategy part. She has one of those creative "guts" that anyone who works with her trusts and respects. She has experience on huge sports brands, the deepest dive on the Nike account, as well as other big name consumer products. A multiple award winner including the Grand Prix at Cannes. "Guts" as you can see from the icon will also bring the female perspective to our work.

The Kernal

Another masked Expert, The Kernal is called that within the Ideasicle halls because she is a meticulous and talented designer by trade. A well-known creative director in the Boston area, she is that rare bird that not only has a world-class eye for details, but has a remarkable ability to think conceptually. When a project requires visual thinking, she's our woman. But her hair looks nothing like that silhouette.


If Cat Woman were a writer, she’d be this Expert we call Word. One of the most awarded writers in the country, Word has a quiet way, but her words speak louder than freight trains at 2:00 a.m. We put her on tag line projects, naming projects, and any others that require just the right language. Because her words have spoken for her straight to the top of that tier-one New York City agency for whom she currently works. 


As Kat said above, diversity is key. We want female Experts who are experts at marketing to women, but we also want the male perspective when we do it. Could be creative firepower from David Baldwin, Roger Baldacci, or Mike Howard. Or maybe we need some digital/social expertise and bring in Edward Boches or our masked Expert, "Vegas." Could be we need tech/b2b experience and bring in Dan Greenwald or Paul Schauder. The nature of the project will tell us who our "He" will be on any given project.

But a he there will be in Ideasicle: She.

How to access this panel of brilliant female-marketing pros.

Two ways and you may think of others:

1. Marketing Ideas.

It's like any other Ideasicle project only the focus is marketing to women. And it's with our team of pre-recruited female marketing Experts. That could mean you're a brand focused squarely on women or a brand where a large portion of your sales are from women. Or even a brand wondering how to increase sales with women. 

Your account representative will draw up a potent creative brief and then brief the team (using the brief and private video); the team will come up with ideas, build and riff on each other while your account rep keeps them on strategy and ultimately prepares a presentation of 8-12 completely different ideas that satisfy the assignment. Includes two rounds of ideas, typically. Read more about the Ideasicle process here.

These engagements would happen on a project basis, though as you'll see below our pricing will reflect the number of pre-committed projects per year. The more projects you can commit to up front, the lower the price per project.

2. Female Marketing panel.

The other way a marketer might use this team is on an ongoing basis, where you run ideas that YOU come up with past our Ideasicle: She panel to get the team's point-of-view. Thinking of launching a new product to women? Considering a way to build "share of women" without alienating men? Or perhaps you have an ad targeted to women that you wish to "disaster check" - as it's a short jump from being aspirational to pandering. Ask our team and get honest professional answers within just a few days.

Your account representative will package up your question, brief the team virtually and let them debate the topic for 3 days. After which we'll present a full report of their opinions, quotes, and considerations to you.

These engagements would be lighter weight than ideation projects but more frequent, so would be a retainer relationship, the fee for which would reflect your intended number of engagements per month.

But that's just what we came up with. You may have other ideas, but being open to new ideas is in our DNA and how we're programmed, so fire away. 

How do you put a price on on our female marketing expertise?

Well, we did.

#1 above (Marketing Ideas) will be priced at our normal Ideasicle rates starting at $15,000 for one round. However, if you commit to a certain number of projects per year, we can reduce that fee per project. Let's talk.

#2 above (Female Marketing Takes) would be a retainer relationship and pricing would depend on the number of engagements per month. The minimum would be two engagements and that would cost $5,000 per month. 

Contact Ideasicle Founder, Will Burns, at willb@ideasicle.com or call at 617-304-3268 to learn more and set up a trial run.

We can't wait to show you what we can do.