At Ideasicle, we come up with lots of different kinds of ideas - names, tag lines, promotions, app functionality, you name it. But our favorite kind of idea isn't a "kind" at all. It's so blue sky that's what we call it - "Blue Sky Ideas" - and it's when a client asks "How are we going to launch this?"

Anything goes.

With Blue Sky projects, the client does not dictate what kind of idea, just illustrates the problem. Sure, we ask for parameters around the project like budget and timing, but that's really it. From there, anything goes.

And with our Expert Sourcing model, there are ways to amp up the "anything goes" factor.

Unlike a tag line project, say, which I will staff with a team of four writers, a Blue Sky project means broadening perspectives.

For example, I will include two creative directors on the team, but then mix it up with perhaps two of the following Experts, each with an added superpower:

  • A digital Expert
  • A cultural anthropologist
  • A moms Expert
  • An author
  • A retail marketing Expert
  • A PR Expert
  • Mixed genders (across the team)

The team of four are the opposite of an "insular" team who can't get out of their own rut. It's like a liberated, unbridled, petrie dish full of optimism and unpredictable ideation.

Just the way we like it.

Now, I will monitor the session closely to make sure the creative brief is honored, but other than that the team is free to explore anything that satisfies the brief.

Every time we've done this the client has seen ideas they admit they never would have thought of otherwise.

Anything inspires.

When a project brief is this broad - "How are we going to launch this?" - the ideas we ultimately present serve two purposes: one, the ideas could be used in the marketing mix; two, the ideas will inspire more ideas in our clients.

Both are of equal value. 

We see ourselves and our process as a catalyst for great ideas no matter where they come from. We come up with roughly ten "Blue Sky" ideas per round (typically two rounds). The feedback we get from the clients after the first round significantly helps us sharpen our ideas in the second round. But along the way the clients are inspired by our ideas to come up with more of their own.

Read about an actual case of one client getting inspired by Ideasicle ideas at Vistaprint: "Jump Start Your Creative-Development Process."

When anyone loves anything, good things happen.

I think the reason we love Blue Sky projects like "How are we going to launch this?" is that it appeals to the nature of creative people. Creative people love to solve problems using their creativity. And when anyone loves anything, good things happen.

So give us a problem. A tough one. We love it.