We believe in the power of our ideas to the point where we are open to revenue-sharing arrangements. If we can isolate the variables and are convinced we can measure the real impact of our idea then we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is and come up with a revenue-sharing agreement that keeps your upfront costs down.

The beauty of this kind of arrangement is that our motivations are 100% aligned. If our ideas don’t work, then we don’t make as much money and you don’t pay us as much. But if our ideas do work, we get paid more than our normal fee and you have an exponential marketing success on your hands.

Has to be the right kind of assignment

This kind of arrangement won’t work for assignments where the results of our ideas are not measurable.

We once, perhaps foolishly, agreed to an incentive-based ideation session with an advertising agency who was involved in a pitch. The agreement was that if Ideasicle charged half price and the agency won their pitch, then Ideasicle would earn exponential rewards (meaning, more than our normal full price fee).

The agency won the pitch and everyone was happy. But in hindsight that’s not the right kind of assignment because there are just too many variables in a pitch that Ideasicle can’t control - the people presenting, the agency’s reputation, their ability to effectively communicate the ideas, the politics of the pitch itself, etc. We probably wouldn’t do that again.

Another poor candidate for this kind of arrangement is naming. Very difficult to quantify the financial upside of a new name for a product or company. 

Or tag lines. Again, while a great new tag line can help lift a brand over time, particularly if it serves to galvanize all of your marketing, it’s difficult to isolate the financial effect of a tag line as a single variable.

But these ideas will work.

A retail promotional hook is an ideal candidate. Let’s say last year you had a Holiday promotional idea and want to beat it this year. And let’s say the other variables - timing, money spent, geography, etc. - are pretty much the same. The only difference is the promotional hook.

That’s perfect. We will bet on our ideas to beat last year’s any day.
Another might be new applications for existing products. You’ve got a product that is popular in one vertical market, but you suspect other markets might be able to use the same product for different purposes.

That’s perfect, too. We will cut our fee in half and bet the balance on our ability to come up with revenue generating ideas for your product in other markets. Here’s an example of Ideasicle’s work in this area: Nine Unexpected Applications Of Apple Watch

I am sure you can think of others ideas where the “idea variable” can be isolated. 

We believe in us.

After five years of doing countless ideation jobs for clients like Staples, Warner Music Group, and Constant Contact, we know what we can do. We believe in what we can do.

To the point where we will bet on the power of our ideas. Could be a percentage of the upside our ideas generate for you. Could be a fixed bonus if we reach certain agree-to benchmarks.

Hey, nothing is unthinkable.