I post a lot about Ideasicle and the benefits of virtual ideation here on this blog. But I do so from my perspective. But what about the Experts? They're the ones doing all the intellectual heavy lifting here. I wanted to know what they think of this virtual ideation process. So I asked them.

I'm turning the tables with this post and disclosing their answers to that question below. What follows are captured verbatim from their emails back to me. We'll call it...expert testimony.


Lek Jeyifous, New York, NY (see his art at Vigilism)

The term "Ideasicle" has become an oft-used actionable verb and noun in my household. It means, "to develop a highly creative deployment of any idea or solution in a manner that is both unique in perspective, and universal in appeal."

Example: "Did you like how I Ideasicled the situation so that your Mom is not staying with us yet still nearby and happy with her accommodations?"


Kat Gordon, San Francisco, CA (see her 3% Conference mission)


Being an Ideasicler is like cross-fitness training for the idea region of your brain. So many different categories, challenges and co-Ideasiclers to build off of. 


Mark St. Amant, Boulder, CO (see his work here)

Working with some of the absolute best creatives and strategists in the business. Easy, seamless remote collaboration. Great brands and agencies. Those are just the first reasons I wanted to be a part of Ideasicle. That, and the martinis.


Roger Baldacci, Boston, MA (see his work here)

It’s fun being part of such a talented team of individuals where you can work and collaborate together no matter where you are. It’s like you’re part of a team of super heroes, all with their own unique skill sets and super powers. I think Will is ahead of the curve on this. The Ideasicle model is where it’s all going and it’s exciting to be a part of it.



The Sage, Undisclosed, New England (to see the batcave click here)

It's like you're a CMO or a Chief Creative Officer for an agency and you go into the office one morning to find a creative SWAT team waiting in the lobby for you, armed to the teeth with talent. If you're looking for ideas, and I mean game-changers, this is where you want to be.


David Baldwin, Raleigh, NC, Owner Baldwin&

I love the purity of the process where it's just about ideas. The good ones rise to the top, the bad ones don't, and it's as collaborative a process as you can get. 


Lisa Taylor, Boston, MA, (Taylor Writing)

It’s really satisfying to lob out an idea and see different creative minds get excited over something. It fuels more ideas. Which fuels more excitement. Which fuels more ideas. It’s looping idea generation that only only comes to a stop because we have deadlines. Ahh, deadlines.
As a virtual model, ideas are delivered with zero bias because they are created with zero bias. There are no office politics. No hidden agendas. No brainstorm session snacks. Though, I must admit, I sometimes miss the snacks. 


Gravity, Fort Worth, TX (there are rumors he's worked here)

I'm addicted to extreme endurance events and liken Ideasicling to pushing the envelope of the brain like I do my body. Working with razor sharp people who come at our assignments with so much energy and passion always pushes me to step up my game to the next level. Whenever I finish one of these projects I walk away with a huge sense of accomplishment.

And there you have it. I swear I posed no threat - physical or virtual - to these Experts to elicit these reactions. I simply asked the question.

I hope it gave you a fresh view into the virtual world of Ideasicle. Give us a shot. You will not be sorry.