Solve your next marketing problem with a flurry of ideas from a team of elite creative talent.

If you only have 7 minutes, watch this overview:

It's expert sourcing. Not crowd sourcing.

We have assembled and virtually connected a small, award-winning team of creative Experts from tier one agencies and clients around the world to work in teams of four generating ideas around your business need. 

Unlike crowd sourcing solutions, our ideas are not sourced from the unvetted masses, but from a potent pool of now-28 creative marketing minds. Each was hand-picked by our founder, Will Burns, who worked closely with each and every one of them at some point during his 20-year advertising career at agencies like Goodby, Wieden & Kennedy, Arnold, Mullen, and others.

These marketing “Superfriends” are award-winning creative directors, writers, strategists, agency principals, client innovators, naming experts, PR professionals, designers, multi-cultural experts, digital gurus, social media experts, retail-innovation experts and more.

They work in teams of four in what we call our "Post, Build and Riff" virtual method (more on that below).

It's an amalgam of experience, talent, perspective and a whopping dose of zero bias. And we’re breaking all the rules to do it.